Download necessary files from HERE !!
Font used Roboto Thin

Unpack the archieve and move to your phone storage (make sure you put the MinimalisticTextPreferences folder in the root of your SD card and put the font in /sdcard/fonts fonder)

Apps you need:
Nova Launcher Prime
Multipicture Live Wallpaper
Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW)
Desktop VisualizeR

->Nova Launcher Setup
Desktop Grid 8×5, none width and heigth margin, untick show shadow,, wallpaper scrolling ON, scroll effect none. In Home Screen keep 4 black screens. Untick label Icons, tick resize all widgets and both Widget Overlap and Overlap when placing in advanced. Disable Dock in dock settings. In Look and Feel set scroll speed to “Faster Than Light” and show notification bar. In Gestures and Buttons set Home Button to App Drawer and untick “Only on Default Screen”

In Multipicture Live Wallpaper add 4 screens and select from “Wall1.png” to Wall4.png”. Transition Type none

->Widgets Setup
Add a MinimalisticTextWidget 1×1 in all 4 screens in the top-right corner. When the widget setup page pops up, scroll down to the bottom and click restore -> S_clock. In global settings choose as font folder /sdcard/fonts so you can choose RobotoThin.ttf when you setup your MinimalisticTextWidget
Launch UCCW and import the three UCCW skins you downloaded.
Place in the first screen Home_ByGorle (5×1 UCCW widget), in the third Calendar_ByGorle (5×1 UCCW widget as well) and in the last screen Weather_ByGorle (an other 5×1 UCCW widget).
In the second screen put 5 1×1 Desktop VisualizeR widget in the row under Favourites. Then choose one of the icons provided in the files downloaded to set the widget icon and then link it to the desired shortcut, clear label and set Touch Effect to None. Do the same for the remaining widgets.
Last thing to do is to set up shortcuts to the other screens. Do the same as I did in this picture on the left on the other screens (In the others you will have to put a shortcut to screen 1 over Home label, there is not one here because we are on the home).
And finally longpress every screen shortcut to change their icons o transparent. So Longpress the icon, click the icon button -> Files -> Gallery and select the transparent.png picture you downloaded with the walls. If there are any problems feel free to contact me
And follow my work on MyColorscreen!!



  1. Hey Mate.
    Great work. Iv’e set this on my Note II and it looks great. thanks for sharing this.
    Two Qs though: 1. what font did you use in the “Home_ByGorle” UCCW widget? I started adjusting it and neither robottothin provided nore the robboto I had were with the same boldness.
    and 2. would you please post the .PSDs for the backgrounds? I’d like to double the space for the favorites (plus change spelling as I use the american spelling), and have a few backgrounds (thinking of similar principle only in bright Orange).

    Thanx Again and well done!

    • I’ll test the font because I was sure it was Roboto Thin…
      I’m sorry for the PSD, you may not believe me but I’ve never been taught how to use Photoshop, I have a copy on my PC but I keep using stuff like… Every one uses PS, it might be easier, but I’ll need time to spend on it to figure out how it works, and a reliable guide to learn from.

      • I’m not much of an expert either. Most of what I do know (which is not a lot) is based on “getting stuck” and looking for tutorials which are extremely abundant nowadays, and trial and error. it is time consumer though… (speaking of tutorials-“Mycolorscreen” is where I found this link).
        do you have any raw files of any sort then?
        if not, I’ll post here the PSDs I’ll work on, in case I’ll work on this.


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